We started our business in 2012 with ecological seabuckthorn farm here in Lithuania. The next natural step was to start berry export business. This is how company AGROCO was founded.

Export of various European frozen berries and berry products is the main direction of our business. IQF berries, berry pomace, puree, oil, seeds are the most popular items in our product portfolio.

AGROCO has business relationship with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors/ traders, retailers in EU, Russia, Asia and North America.

Worldwide sourcing contacts, expertise in what we do, and flexible supply are our core strengths. Our main goal is to build long term relationship with clients by doing business fairly to all parties involved, being transparent and guaranteeing product traceability.  We work hard to offer steady supply of goods with higher added value for a competitive price.

AGROCO has been granted a certificate for trading Ecological berries.