AGROCO offers you the wild blueberry (latin – vaccinium myrtillus). We work with suppliers/ gathering spots all over Northern and Central Europe to bring you the best quality wild blueberries from Europe’s forests.

Blueberry is a universal name for blue colored vaccinium genus berries. It is natural that sometimes people mix up blueberry (American cultivated blueberry, white inside) with wild European blueberry also known as bilberry. AGROCO believes that wild European blueberries are superior to the American cultivated blueberries. Here is why:

  • Wild blueberry has up to 10 times more anthocyanins in its pulp compared to cultivated blueberry and up to 5 times more anthocyanins in its skin;
  • It has higher vitamin C and E content than cultivated blueberry;

Various researches prove that anthocyanins provide health benefits against cancer, aging, neurological diseases, diabetes, bacterial infections.

AGRCOCO offers IQF wild European blueberry. We can clean berries according to your specification. Usual packaging – 20kg and 25kg paper bags.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your wild European blueberry needs