Sea buckhtorn

(latin – Hippophae rhamnoides) is orange/ yellow berry often called „lemon of the north“. It is very rich in vitamin C and E, fatty acids, carotenoids and vegetable sterols. Sea buckthorn is a true all rounder. It is being used in cosmetics, medical and nutritional supplements, food products, etc.

We have deep understading about seabuckthorn. It comes from having our own farm and years of experience supplying our customers. This makes AGROCO to be one of the biggest suppliers of seabuckthorn berries and its products in the Northern and Eastern Europe.

AGROCO is one of few suppliers who can  offer 100% pure variety sea buckthorn berries to ensure the properties don’t change with each batch.

Every sea buckthorn variety is unique and has different characteristics like size, oil content %, brix, acidity, etc. We supply these varieties, both organic and conventional:

  • Leikora
  • Habego
  • Askola
  • Maria
  • Botaniceskaya Luybitelskaya
  • Trofimovskaya
  • Other less popular varieties

Seabuckthorn products we supply:

  • IQF berries;
  • Pulp oil;
  • Seed oil;
  • Puree;
  • Pomace/ press cake;
  • Seeds;

Do not hesitate to contact us with your seabuckthorn needs and we will be happy to help you, give you recommendations.